Thanks for checking out our beverage holders. We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting them. To me there’s nothing worse than a new purchase that breaks after using it a couple times. When you purchase one of our drink holders it’s completely assembled and ready to go. That’s because it’s made from welded steel and not plastic. Our holders are made for real people and their friends. The kind of friends that will set a cooler on top of it in the truck of your car after the all-day tailgating event. The same friend that hit it with a football 10 times that day. You know your best friend in the world! 

We are the only beverage holder company out there that offers a 5 year structural warranty. Realistically they will last a lifetime but we think your best friend will borrow and lose them before that anyways.

While I’m talking about friends, our drink holders really do make great gifts. Our Spirit Master wine glass holder is perfect for the indoors or outside. The Tall Boy Scoreboard is awesome, magnets slide up or down the colorful scoreboard surface. It even has a built in bottle opener.  It’ll be the talk of your party and rest assured you know who will knock it over, but no worries “it won’t break”.

To sum it all up – drink holders like this take a lot more abuse than you initially think. So if we’re fortunate enough to get your business, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself more and spend less time worrying about what your best friend is going to break today.  

                                                                                  I wish mine was here now!